Monday, March 23, 2015

My March garden

Since I'm doing the Four Season Garden contest this year, I'm showing off my garden here in central Oklahoma through the seasons. Here is my March garden!
It was a beautiful day yesterday (and is looking to be one again today!) My husband and daughter are standing on the front porch talking (and probably wondering why I'm across the street taking pictures!)

It tickles me that my yard is greening up, while my neighbors on all sides (who spray, mow, water, and all that) still have brown dormant yards. :)

My honeyberry plants are leafing out nicely!

Honeyberry (Lonicera caerulea)

My daffodils (not edible) out at the street and by my front walk are blooming, and here you can see not only my frostbitten kale, but also some garlic to the lower left and my saffron crocus to the upper left. There's what looks like a bit of lettuce there to the lower right.

Here are a couple more lettuces, by one of my brick "path stones"

Over by my weeping mulberry, my daylilies and strawberries are peeking out:

Want to show off your March garden? There's only a few days left! Visit my March garden page here to share your March edible garden photos.

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