Monday, February 23, 2015

My edible February garden

The weather was beautiful and warm this weekend (65F/18C), so I thought I might show you my February garden (seeing as I'm running this year round garden contest)

Even though they are most certainly NOT edible, I always love it when my daffodils begin popping up:

You can see a few lettuces that I planted last month beginning to show themselves, along with a purple peacock kale (edible).

Here are a few more lettuces, a wild garlic (to the left) and some assorted weeds (yes, weeds in February!) ...

My honeyberry bushes (Lonicera caerulea) are beginning to leaf out:

And I do have a part of my front yard which isn't either eaten to the ground or wilted from the cold:

There's a pak choi, a couple of red yuccas (not true yuccas and not edible), a row of purple kale (quite edible!), my rose bush, and some other assorted edible greens. The greenery in front of the edging is henbit (Lamium amplexicaule), which is also edible, although considered a weed around here. It has pretty purple flowers in the spring.

Something has been eating my saffron crocuses (whose stamens give you the spice saffron -- these bloom in the fall), but they seem to be happy enough where I've transplanted them.

In the back yard, it's pretty bleak, other than a few early spring weeds here and there, so I'll show you my angora rabbit Shadow, who was happy to get out of her cage and munch on some grass for a change:

Of course, today it's snowing!

I would love to see your February edible gardens! If you'd like to enter my February garden contest, click here.

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