Garden Consultation And Coaching Online

Get the help you need!

Garden coaching and consultation online

Have a garden problem you just can't figure out?

If you feel stuck, let me help. I've been helping homeowners with their food gardens since 2010!

Here's what I offer:

Half-hour video consultation: $20

Got a tough plant problem? Can't figure out where to put a particular plant or garden feature? Want guidance in putting together a piece of garden equipment or digging the right sized hole? Need someone experienced to bounce your design ideas off of?

Let's get out in the garden! Using Skype, Zoom, Facebook messenger, or whatever works for you, we'll grab our laptops, tablets, or phones and get to where the problem is.

We can stack as many half hours as you think we'll need, or if we really get going, add them on as we go.


Once you've paid, I'll be in contact with you within the next 2 business days to schedule your consultation. If the problem is outside my expertise, or I can't find a solution for you, you'll get a full refund.

Email consultation: Price depends on scope of the problem, starting at $40 per actual hour spent. Contact me for a quote.

Some examples of email consultation:
  • reviewing your already-drawn design plans -
    • will they work for your yard?
    • are they clear enough to proceed with construction?
    • would some other feature or plant work better in a given area?
  • advice on how to proceed with a specific garden issue - for example, you know your plants aren't getting enough magnesium: what's the best way to provide it to them long term?
Want plant research done for you? Click here.

Garden coaching: $500/month

All those half hours can add up! If you know you're going to need regular online help with your garden, monthly coaching might be the best and most affordable solution for you.
  • new gardeners
  • need to do it right the first time:
    • special event coming up
    • preppers
    • HOA
  • you just don't feel confident in your ability to succeed at this
  • you know you'll feel better with someone helping you!
There's no obligation: use as few or as many months as you need to get your garden going and your confidence high.

Limited time offer: get your first month at half price!

Everything on this page is included with the Premium version of my Tasteful Yard Design course at no extra charge. If you're intention is to change your home landscaping to better suit you and your family's lifestyle, check out the course here.

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