Monday, August 31, 2015

My August garden

Well, here's my August garden!

It's been unusually wet this summer. The nice thing about that is that everything is growing well (unfortunately, including the weeds!)

I've been working my way through the weeds, though, and I will defeat them!!

I harvested a lot of garlic so far this year, as in a huge bowl of cloves and a huge Rubbermaid canister of bulblets.

The garlic I use on a daily basis fresh, and I dry and grind it for garlic powder. The bulblets are good in winter to use fresh or to ward off colds.

I also toss them around on rainy days to grow more -- the leaves stay green all winter here and are great in salads

We've also given some away to my daughter's boyfriend's family.

I love garlic, and I'm always planting new varieties as I find them.

The mint ...  most of it I dry to use for tea in winter.

I also dry stevia leaves to mix in and it makes a great combination.

During the summer, we make mojitos and use the mint that way too. :)

I'm really happy that I put the mint back there behind the pond.

It's trying, of course, to take over the world (as mint does) but there's not too many places it can go, and it keeps the weeds down, so it's a win-win situation.

I'm a recovering seed hoarder.

This year, I took as many of my old seeds as possible and threw them all over my front garden. I have to admit I had a lot of them.

Several squash came up, and the flowers are really pretty in with my pink, red, and purple color scheme.

The vines make a nice ground cover, and it looks like a few squash may be forming!

I'm looking forward to see which of the many varieties I tossed out there ended up growing.

Some beans are coming up too, which will be nice for a fall harvest.

How's your August garden been? You can share it today if you like!