Monday, January 19, 2015

My garden in January ...

Hello, edible landscape artists!

Since I'm doing a year-round edible gardens contest this year, I thought I might show off my own garden in January to get things started.

Two kinds of kale

There's not really any such thing as "usual" weather here in central Oklahoma -- any sort of weather is possible, sometimes more than one kind in any single week. But it's nice that it's gotten above freezing this week, which gives me some kind of incentive to go outside and take pictures :)

Lavender and kale

As you might expect, things are a bit scraggly -- in the front yard, my garlic plants around the pond, while green, sort of look shell-shocked to me.

Wild garlic, planted here on purpose ;)

My rosemary is doing as well as can be expected after last winter's terrible hot/cold/hot/cold run, which killed several of my hedge plants, and is probably grateful for the more even temperatures this year.

Rosemary hedge

The rest of my plants are doing about as they usually do, although it looks as if something has been eating some of my kale!

A rascal is somewhere nearby ...

 I had to brush away the leaves from my strawberry plants, but you can see that they are doing just fine and this particular one is making flowers! (which I couldn't get a good photo of ...)

Strawberry plant (which loves all zones)

In my back yard, my tea plant (Camellia sinesis) is doing just fine underneath its row cover.

Row cover is great stuff for tender plants or first winters

And it looks as if my cherry tree may be getting ready to bud!

Hopefully we won't have a blizzard next week ... you never know here.

So this is what my garden looks like in January ... if you'd like to share yours just hop over to my Garden in January contest. You'll be glad you did! :)