Saturday, July 20, 2013

A lot has happened since my last post ...!

A few hours after I posted last time, Moore, Oklahoma was hit with an F5 tornado (which came within two blocks of my home!).

While my home wasn't damaged and no one in my family was hurt, we've had a LOT of debris to clean up, which we've almost finished doing.

Just imagine if someone took a home, put it in a shredder, then threw it all over the place. I've never seen anything like it before -- it's been like something out of a movie.

Then, on May 31st, another tornado came to call ... it went a few miles north of us, but ended up knocking down our back fence ... on top of all my garlic and asparagus plants ...!

I had already scheduled a trip out to California to visit with edible landscape artist Ron Finley (as well as most of my family, who live in southern California) ... I almost didn't go, but my daughter (who drove out with me) persuaded me to ... and I'm glad she did! I had fun.

More to come on my adventures there.

I was out there for a couple of weeks, then of course when I got home the garden was a mess, and then the holiday, and then July is always busy as we have three birthdays and an anniversary ....

So now I've caught my breath and hopefully we can get back to business!

Oh, here's a bit of news I almost forgot to mention: Edible Landscape Design got on another list! :)

Hope you all are well. How are your gardens doing?