Sunday, May 24, 2015

My May garden

Well, the garden doesn't actually look that bad, considering I was out of town for three weeks and it has apparently been raining almost every day this month. I was able to get these pictures done before it started pouring again.

On one of the few sunny days last week I was able to get some weeding done around the weeping mulberry ... so you can see my kale and daylilies there.

My one hosta which has survived the depredations of the neighborhood cottontail rabbits really enjoys the wet shade under the weeping mulberry.

My ornamental alliums by the mailbox came up! This one is the nicest one, the other one looks sort of unhappy. But I'm just glad to see it :D

I had decided to throw a bunch of lettuce greens in this pot along with some onions. They seem to be the happiest of all my plants, maybe because of the improved drainage.

The dewberries are doing great! Right on time for picking next month.

So that's my front edible May garden. If you'd like to share your garden, come on by!