Monday, July 14, 2014

Poking around my front yard ...

With my third annual Edible Front Yard photo contest coming to an end July 31st I thought I might give you a bit of a look around my front yard! :)

My daylilies around my "crazy tree" (aka weeping mulberry) are doing very well, and have more than doubled in number of blooms from last year.

We have been eating the flowers (stamens removed) in stir-fry, along with kale, garlic, sweet potato greens, and onions from my yard.

They are tasty!
This is called horsemint -- it's a relative of bee balm in the mint family, and grows naturally here in Oklahoma. I've never planted any of this yet it pops up all over. I love this stuff!

Supposedly it makes a nice tea, but I haven't tried it yet. What I really like is how it looks -- it matches the colors in my garden very nicely.
Love my lettuces!

I went crazy this spring throwing lettuce seed all over my front garden plots, and it's been coming up really well with all the rain we've had this year.
I planted this lavender long before I knew about edible landscaping, and it's been one of the best plants in my front yard -- it looks good all year long.

I use it mostly in this one recipe for stew, but I recently ran across this other recipe for lavender syrup, which sounds wonderful :D

The edible plants around my pond are doing well also.

I stuck the mint in the very back corner of the pond so if it decided to go crazy, who cares?

It looks as though the grasshoppers have taken a liking to it, which is fine with me -- there's enough for all of us!

Here is one of my sweet potato plants -- I bought a couple dozen of them and decided to put this one in a pot that we brought with us when we moved here from southern California.

Even though the soil in this pot has got to be terrible, this plant seems to love it in there!

I can't wait to see how many sweet potatoes we get from this.

Hope all of you are doing well! If you'd like to show off your edible front yards, you still have time to enter the contest. Looking forward to seeing what you've created. :)