Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dallas Open Day (part 3) - the Butterfly Garden

On the third stop I made on the Garden Conservancy's Dallas Open Day was to the Butterfly Garden. While most of the action was in the back yard, they did have some gorgeous dill starts out on the corner of the front yard:

Looks like they've gotten some taro going along the left side (edible) below the pipe vine, which is for the pipe vine swallowtail caterpillars to snack on.

Over on the right was a passion flower vine! None of them were open yet (unfortunately), but I was excited to see the vine itself, because I really want to grow this and it was nice to see one in action. It looks like they put up a trellis of 6" wire for the vine to curl around:

If you keep walking along the right side, you come across this huge parsley plant which is full of caterpillars!

And if you turn to the left, there's the most amazing hibiscus I've ever seen. I have never seen one with these colors before:

Then more potted plants, a citrus and I think another hibiscus in the center ...

Off to the back of the lot was something like a greenhouse except with netting over it ... inside were the butterflies!

(you can click on the photos to make them larger)

There was a short show inside where the guy showed the caterpillars in various stages of growth, and we even got to see one going from caterpillar to chrysalis, which is I guess pretty rare to witness. This was a fun place to visit.

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