Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dallas Open Day (part 2) - the Passmore garden

I went to the Garden Conservancy's Open Day in Dallas this past Saturday, and saw five private home gardens ... this is the second one I went to, the home of Paul and Kay Passmore.

(go here to see the first garden)

This is their front yard, which I'm hoping they'll enter in my edible front yard photo contest which starts June 1st.

This was really a nice water feature ... the water lilies hadn't quite opened yet.

There were many different kinds of roses and other herbs along the pathways.

These lettuces looked quite stately, even though they're bolting. They contributed some nice vertical lines in the garden.

Here's the walkway into the back garden:

Off to the left, they had all sorts of herbs, like this exuberant mint bush growing beside the walkway ...

... as well as their deck, which had many more edibles around it:

This was a lovely example of what can be done with home edible landscaping, they had a lot of great plant choices that I only skimmed the surface of. I don't want to give too much away in case they want to submit an entry in the contest! :)

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