Saturday, April 2, 2011

Starting out

We have to start somewhere, right? ;)

So today I'm taking a look at what I have. I go over the process that I use over on my website -- today let's look at the garden layouts page.

For starters, I live in central Oklahoma, which is usually zone 7b but we busted out into 7a this winter. With the way the weather's been going, I have a feeling that I'll have to plant things that can stand colder temperatures than usually are found here.

The only real limitations I have zoning wise is that this HOA requires that you maintain at least some yard, and many people in the neighborhood have cut theirs down pretty far. I don't think I'll have to worry much about it. Also, we're not allowed to have a front fence, which I dislike as my front yard feels too exposed for my tastes but oh well.

Here's my house:

I don't know how you would classify this house (other than brick two-story) but the columns do give it a more formal look. However, with curved walkways and decidedly non-formal plantings (most of which I'm getting rid of), I suppose you could go either way.

Shapes -- I see columns and right-angle roofs and little arches and lots of little trellis-like squares. The Bradford pear tree (too bad it's only ornamental!) has a nice teardrop shape to it as well.

Colors -- There are a lot of interesting colors in the brickwork:

Lots of orange-reds, tans, browns, even some blue-grays that don't show up well here.

The house colors aren't showing up well in the photos, but the main house color is a dusty gray-green, with the window borders a white that's going towards ivory. The ever-present Oklahoma red clay dust is another factor to keep in mind, too. I'm thinking that black edgings on the garden plots would go very nicely with all this.

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