Saturday, April 23, 2011

The plan

Okay, I finally broke down and drew a plan out.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something that you can read and work with. I drew this on some scrap paper with a pen just now:

As you can see, I have some edible plants already there. To the right is the driveway, to the bottom is a private road.

This is the first set of alterations that I've thought of:

I have already put in the daylilies, but everything else is still to be done. I was going to use blueberries for my "some kind of berry" but I seem to kill blueberries (have gone through four so far now) so I'm going to look for alternatives.

There is a lot of foot traffic between the door and the mailbox, thus the path there. I originally wanted to do it in concrete but my husband isn't wild about this idea and we may end up doing a mulch or brick path instead.

There is a drainage swale that goes along the front of the property so it may end up being brick to support the little bridge I'd like to put there so we don't have to slog through calf-deep water or try to hop over when it rains a lot. I also want to expand the plantings around the mailbox and do a garden plot near the end of the driveway.

Right now, there's still too much grass in my garden plan, but this is definitely a work in progress. :)

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