Monday, June 29, 2015

My June garden

Since we're doing a Four Season Garden contest, I've been showing off my edible garden every month, and I figured I better post June's entry before June got away from me altogether!

June has been mostly hot and humid after all the rain in May, although we did get some rain earlier in the month. My front walk looks quite lush these days, although the whole yard needs a bit of weeding.

The daylilies around the weeping mulberry (aka the "crazy tree") are in bloom, and the kale are doing quite well also.

As you go back towards the house, you see some volunteer kale from the seeds left earlier in the year! I'm really happy about this, because it tells me I'm on the right track here. I would love for my edible plants to naturalize in this garden plot.

My lavender, which had been struggling with all the dampness, is doing much better now that I propped its branches up away from the ground and pulled out all the wet leaves underneath it.

So that's my June garden! If you'd like to share yours, you have today and tomorrow to do so. Just click here to enter!

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