Saturday, April 5, 2014

My cherry tree bloomed!

Remember my cherry tree?

Well, it bloomed for the first time ever ...!

Here's a close up of the flowers ...

I'm so excited!

Will we get cherries this year? Let's wait and see ...!


  1. Let us hope that another "Polar Vortex" does not come along and damage the blossoms! Last year my cherry trees did very poorly due to the early bloom in March and subsequent frosts. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your cherry tree. ;)
    Here, in Michigan, my tulips, alliums and daffodils are up in my perennial beds and the garlic bulbs that I planted last fall are doing well in the edible landscaping garden. I have also noticed new leaves on my perennial 'Veronica' as well as the 'Jacob's ladder' and 'Cardinal Flower'.
    did I mention that my strawberries are doing fabulous in the back edible garden? Or that the oregano, under a thick blanket of leaves, is verdant and ready to be used in pizza sauce??
    In just one day it seemed that all of these plants just sprang to life from their long dormant state. I did not think that many of my plants would survive such a brutal winter, but, survive they did!
    If I have time I will share some pics of all the new growth.

    Happy Gardening Patty!