Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Ornamental allium (onion)

Even though you might not be able to tell from this journal, I actually have gotten something done on my garden in 2012.

The center section of my potager is coming along pretty well, in spite of a lot of neglect and being under snow right now. Besides the cherry tree, I've added some brassicas, including various kinds of cabbage and kale, as well as some garlic and chard. I've marked out the outside boundaries and have planted some cabbages in part of it, but the entire thing isn't finished yet.

I have learned that plants really like rabbit litter, but it doesn't make for nice photos, which is part of the reason I haven't put up any recently. Hopefully I'll have some compost soon to put over everything and make it look a bit nicer.

As far as the front yard is concerned, I planted a row of rainbow chard plants along the walkway forgetting that a. they are not super hardy and b. that they are annuals. I think the snow might have done them in, but they looked really nice there so I'm going to replant the row if they don't come back up.

My little rosemary hedge is coming along well, but something has eaten my hostas around the crazy tree to the ground. I think it's wild rabbits, of which we have many in the area. Once that tree gets taller I think that sort of thing will be deterred, because the buns don't seem to touch anything that's lit up (we have a streetlight across the road), and it's full shade under there when it's in full leaf during the summer.

So how are your gardens? Here's hoping for a very successful 2013.

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