Sunday, March 4, 2012

You Can Grow That! -- Cabbages

Hi, everyone ... I've been hibernating lately, but with the warmer weather I wanted to get back into posting more.

Today I'm going to tell you about something exciting that happened last week:

I harvested my first cabbage!

You might remember how I've been posting photos of these beauties out in the front yard ... they're still going strong out there, but this one was starting to look bent over and bedraggled, so I pulled it up, stripped off the outer leaves, and ... take a look --

It's gorgeous, it tasted great in my salad (yes, it went fast!), and my rabbits loved the outer leaves! (those are edible too, but they got to share in the fun!) I'll need to rotate to something else for now once these are all pulled up, but next year I'm definitely growing these again!

You can grow cabbages too! I just bought cabbage starts from our local food co-op, but you can find them at many nurseries or online. The only thing that seemed to bother them were the grasshoppers, but it was just cosmetic, although if your area is a big cabbage producer you may have problems with cabbage moths -- if so, use row covers for a few weeks until they move on.

Do you like to grow cabbages too?


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  1. Boy..I a novice, but I would love to grow veg but I have a small yard and am surrounded by neighbors who get the lawns treated..But I may try some container plants this year as I could keep them out of the over-spray...Michelle

    1. Yeah, grr ... the neighbors and their spraying!

      Container plants is one idea, but if you could ask them what they're spraying at least you'd know what it was. Also, if it is poisonous or damaging, they might be willing to not spray next to your property if you asked nicely.

  2. Yes, I do like to grow to grow cabbages, and yours looks delicious. I live in zone 7b and I'm growing lots of cabbage starts right now. Thanks for sharing! Benita

    1. I'm in 7b too, and these did wonderfully over the winter. If you end up liking them, they really add to your garden ... I can see mine from the street, they've gotten so big.

  3. Cabbages grow wonderfully here in the cool season of the Los Angeles area. I find they are one of the easiest and most productive crops in my inland area. A great choice of winter vegetable! Thanks.