Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blooming in November

It's a blustery day outside, but I ran across the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and even though I'm a day late on this, I thought, "what a great idea". Of course, then I had to go take some photos.

This last photo is of the saffron crocuses I planted just a month and a half ago. I never thought they would be up and blooming already!

Go over to the May Dreams Garden blog to see even more flowers. :)


  1. Oh, I am coveting your saffron crocuses! I definitely need to add them to my edible landscape. And--I'm terribly behind on planting pansies. Last year, I decided I needed to make sugared pansies to decorate vanilla scones. Epic fail! Look forward to reading more of your edible landscaping adventures!

  2. Glad you posted...I'm usually at least a day late, as well!

  3. Julie, these crocuses have been so easy! I just stuck my shovel in a bit and dumped them in (which is probably wrong to do but whatever). In October(!) and they are blooming already. I'm really impressed with these little guys.

    Glad you both posted!